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Bluetooth Bee User Guide Bluetooth Bee (HC-05/HC-06) Introduction Bluetooth Bee is a simple breakout board for the Bluetooth Module, pin distance as 2.0mm, compatible with all XBee interface and XBee module , designed for transparent wireless serial connection setup. Bluetooth Bee can Sep 13, 2016 · High Current PDM buttons. Surface may be HOT when operating with high current. Use caution when operating buttons. 3.4. Device type and address The High Current PDM is recognized by the ES-Key Professional software as a Power Distribution Modul e (default), but may be configured via password as an Input Output Module (see section . 5.7.1).
Hi, I have a problem with the ultrasonic ( HC-SR04) .. it's my first time to use Labview first i'm using labview 2015 version and Arduino IDE version 1.6.9The problem is i tried to test the sensor and make sure that i can calculate the distance using the interface between labview and arduino ,so i used a simple program shown below using the sensor uploaded in this topic .. https://forums.ni ... HC-SR04 I2C Octopus "octosonar" There was enough interest in these that I made up a small batch to sell on Tindie. To test these without the headers attached, I made up a test-bed on an Arduino proto-shield. This tests all the power pins (the green LEDs), checks the outputs from the PCF8574A and feeds signals into the CD4078 and verifies the ...

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HC-06 Bluetooth Modul. HC-06 based modules are sold at eBay, dealextreme, rctimer and a lot of other places. The modules are cheap and do their job.
Arduino and HC-06 bluetooth example In this example we will add bluetooth support to our Arduino, there are several low cost modules labelled either Hc-05 or HC-06. Here is a picture of one of them

6 IDT71256SA CMOS Static RAM 256K (32K x 8-Bit) Commercial and Industrial Temperature Ranges Timing Waveform of Write Cycle No. 1 (WE Controlled Timing) (1,2,4)NOTES: 1. A write occurs during the overlap of a LOW CS and a LOW WE. www.moxa.com 1 VPort P06HC-1MP-M12 Series HD video image, square-type IP cameras for mobile surveillance Features and Benefits •-25 to 55°C operating temperature • 1/2.7” progressive scan camera with maximum 1280 x 800 resolution at up to
L-VWM06A/EN(C) L-VWM06A/EN Cabinet Loudspeaker l Intelligible voice and superior sound reproduction l Robust metal enclosure l Harmonious with all indoor decoration l Simple power setting Phoenix Contact HC-B06-TFL-N-M1PG13.5S Inventory, Pricing, Datasheets from Authorized Distributors at ECIA. Instant results for Phoenix Contact HC-B06-TFL-N-M1PG13.5S. Bluetooth to serial HC-06 wireless module Product Description: 1,Mainstream CSR Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth V2.0 protocol standards 2,serial module operating voltage 3.3V. 3,the baud rate for 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 and users can be set 4,core module size: 28mm x 15 mm x 2.35mm. 5,the working current: 40mA 6,Sleep current ...

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Rainbow HC, Arctic, Lava, and Wheel Capture modes Video, photo, time-lapse Video and still image display/capture Saved as 1440 × 1080 File formats Radiometric JPG, MPEG-4 (file format MOV (iOS), MP4 (Android)) Spot meter On/off; Resolution 0.1°C (0.1°F) Adjustable MSX distance 0.3 m – infinity Visual battery indicator 0-100%
Hello, I have a HC-06 (Linvor 1.8) bluetooth module, and I would like to get back the data which I send from PC. I use an atmega8 (with 8MHZ internal clock) microcontroller, mkII programmer, AtmelStudio and putty.