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300 Series Stainless Steel Sheets Also known as Type 18-8 stainless, the 300 series stainless steel family features a number of variations, including 301, 303, 304, 310, 316, 317, and more. Despite the number of compositions, the common factor between them is that they generally (emphasis on the generally) consist of 18% chromium and 8% nickel.
Stainless Steel Sheets Type 304, 304L & 316L No. 2B Finish — Cold Rolled, Annealed *No 2D Finish No. 3 Finish — Polished One Side No. 4 Finish — Polished One Side

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Aug 18, 2018 · Properly finished stainless steel is easier to keep clean for hygienic and commercial applications, such as hospitals and restaurants. In consumer products, such as catering equipment, the aesthetic of a well-polished sheet of stainless steel has high sales appeal. Stainless steel polished sheet can be used in various applications such as structural supports, base plates for various equipment, flooring, brackets and many other pieces cut by lasers. Many industries use stainless steel plate in the construction of corrosive, and harsh chemical environment equipment.
Polished Stainless Steel Sheet Polishing finish, also called brushed, directional or satin finish. It was characterized by short, parallel polishing lines that are uniform and direction in appearance, which extend uniformly along the length of the coil or sheet. Jan 30, 2018 · Stainless Steel Finishes. Stainless leaves the steel mill with a matte gray appearance called “mill finish”. Secondary operations can change that into finishes ranging from the brushed look popular on kitchen appliances to a highly polished appearance. To make life easier for people buying stainless,finish grading systems were developed. In ...

20 Gauge 304 Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet Peel Off PVC Protective Film One Side .036" Thick - Standard 36" Width x 36" Length Standard Cut - S-SS-304-036-36-36.036" (20 Gauge) 304 Brushed Stainless Steel 36" x 48" $168.85 Stainless Polished Sheet and Plate Stainless steel sheets can give your project an air of elegance while remaining as strong as all of our other steel products. Our selection of stainless steel sheets in one of our most popular collections at AllMetalsInc.com.
Speedy Metals stocks a variety of stainless shapes including angle, channel, bars, tubing, plate, sheet & threaded rods. Order online or call to speak with a representative.

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Large selection of 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Sheet, Brushed Finish, Mill, Polished Polished stainless sheet can be shear cut to your exact size Large Inventory of #8 Mirror finish in stock Specialty polishing available upon request, including polished 2 sides
Basic Stainless Steel Sheet Finish Designation. The following list of stainless steel sheet finish designations includes a short description of how each surface may be obtained. Unpolished Finish No. 1: A dull finish produced by hot rolling to a specified thickness, followed by annealing and descaling. Get the best deals on Polished Stainless Nuts at Industrial Depot. The leader in Fasteners, Shop Supplies, Hand Tools, and Hardware.