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Socratic Seminar Protocol Purpose The Socratic Seminar is used in many Expeditionary Learning classrooms to promote student thinking and meaning making, and the ability to debate, use evidence, and build on one another’s thinking. When well designed and implemented, the seminar provides an active role for every student, engages students in Socratic seminars are named for their embodiment of Socrates’ belief in the power of asking questions, prize inquiry over information and discussion over debate. Socratic seminars acknowledge the highly social nature of learning and align with the work of John Dewey, Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, and Paulo Friere.
Use the tally sheet to help you focus. But listen to the entire dialogue and not just your subject. You are primarily an observer, but if you are just dying to say something, you may get up and move to the hot seat in the inner circle. Wait to be recognized, then add your comment and return to your observation seat in the outer circle. •

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Record the Socratic Seminar discussion while students are engaging in the discussion. After the discussion have students view the discussion as a whole group or individually to evaluate their performance and the performance of the class as a whole. Have students complete a Socratic Seminar reflection sheet like those in the resources shared below.
The outer circle watches their corresponding inner circle participant, employing an observation form. Organizing Socratic Seminar Circles. In Socratic Seminar, you are going to divide your class into two groups. Here are the first two steps of the Socratic Seminar process (we will cover the final two further down in the blog entry). on Socratic seminar (covering ideas presented as well as student’s evaluation of his role in the seminar Socratic Seminar #2 Reading: Pledge of Allegiance Questions Debrief Socratic seminar Writing assignment Socratic seminar #3 Scaffolded reading (use RT or another literacy technique) of either: Annie Dillard—“Living Like Weasels ...

See the TLC “Socratic Seminars” page for the Socratic Seminar Observation Checklist. 3. The notetakers. Everyone else in the class takes guided notes on the discussion. (NOTE: Sample questions for guided notes are included in the question files, Socratic Seminar Questions on Persuasive Texts and Socratic Seminar Questions on Short Stories.)
Audience role: Student audience members listen to the discussion and use a score sheet to keep track of the points made and supported with textual evidence (a point made without evidence did not count). Key Support Documents. Socratic Seminar Observation Checklist; Socratic Seminar Questions on Persuasive Texts; Socratic Seminar Questions on ... A Socratic Seminar is a strategy that seeks to read deeply into a text by creating a dialogue among the participants resulting in an understanding of the use of language or the development of themes in the text. When I began using this strategy, I used shorter texts or excerpts from a text.

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Seminar speakers must have different areas to talk about, but it should still be related to the main theme of the seminar. The strategies to use in promoting, implementing, and assuring the success of the seminar must all be written down and must be checked once done so the organizers are sure that all processes have been delivered properly. All subsequent questions in the seminar were based on the students' ideas and contributions in response to this initial question. Thus, the term Socratic seminar. The technique is derived from an ancient form of discourse—Socratic dialogue: Through doubt and systematic questioning of another person, one gets to ultimate truth.
Socratic Seminar Rubric for _____ SCORE: _____ OUTSTANDING SATISFACTORY NEEDS IMPROVEMENT UNSATISFACTORY ANALYSIS Provides deep analysis, without prompting, to move the conversation forward. Provides solid analysis, without prompting, to move the conversation forward. Offers some analysis, but needs prompting from others. Socratic Seminar. Displaying all worksheets related to - Socratic Seminar. Worksheets are Socratic seminar preparation work, Socratic seminar handout, Socratic seminar, Socratic seminars unit plan, Socratic questions, The socratic questioning technique, Socratic seminar observation checklist, Thebillofrights gradesocialstudies.